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The Palace of Angels was released yesterday 01 September 2019

Booktopia author Rob O’Hearn has posted a smashing review on both Goodreads and Instagram! Links to both below. Click post/image.

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I've just been blown away by this book. The Palace of Angels by Mohammed Massoud Morsi is a trilogy of confronting novels that will startle you and shake you out of your comfort zone. The stories are linked and concurrent, the total collection brutal and sharp, yet tender and poetic. The narrative is based on the author's experiences in the Gaza strip, a place of checkpoints and incursions, barbed wire and desperate mean streets. People are caught in the "collective conceptual prison" of intergenerational conflict, an unending circle of matryrs. The violence is searing. But within all this chaos there is a time and place for romantic love, for the meeting of young hearts. Perhaps there is hope? A decidedly pro-Palestinian viewpoint is taken, but the author is pushing for change on both sides, believing we are so much better than this. This is an exigent and authentic book, a tribute both to the idea of safe refuge, and of transcending hatred. It is incredibly vital and powerful, an existentialist take on the Palestine-Israel conflict, that may well change your perspective on the Middle East, Gaza, and refugees. My thanks to @wilddingopress for the review copy. This book has just been released today. My review is coming.

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