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“Morsi showed a contagious commitment and was an excellent communicator. His target audiences are without doubt teenagers and adults. Having Morsi at our school was very positive and eye opening! TheDanish People’s Party got more than half the votes in the last election in this region, so there are many prejudices against people with foreign backgrounds. Morsi’s presentations became very real when we the following Wednesday was visited by a class from Ellekærskolen in Aarhus where more than 80% of the students are of different ethnic origin than Danish. It was a transforming experience for the students and through their written evaluations, many said they actually got rid of many or strongly changed their views and prejudices towards ‘immigrants’.”

Jan Ørberg Andersen, Brande School, Denmark

“Mohammed Massoud Morsi, or just Morsi, is inspiring and provocative. He encourages those who listen, to act and think independently, and courageously. In the power of his being and his experiences, Morsi almost demands a critical viewpoint in his workshop and his unconventional methods and views are highly recommendable to experience!”

Joseph O’Grady, SAS Team, Belfast IA

“Morsi has a passion for life, for the meeting between people, and for social justice. And this passion goes all the way to the audience!”

Solveig Thorborg, Salaam FILM & DIALOGUE, Denmark

Other Participant Feedback

·         Very well done- an excellent night.

·         Dynamic and interesting- wow what a life!

·         Such an inspirational speaker and the kind of voice that needs to be heard right now!

·         Fascinating, inspiring, great talk.

·         Such an interesting and thought provoking evening – I so enjoyed listening to Morsi.

·         Very thoughtful, an interesting life and insights.

·         A very engaging, thought provoking talk, interesting and informative.