THE BOOK ROOM – Episode 02: Mohammed Massoud Morsi


Excited to share podcast interviewing authors who dare to decolonize minds & bookshelves. This episode with Mohammed Massoud Morsi we talk about his novel Palace of Angels, #Israel#Palestine & #Gaza warcrimes that got great acclaim yet no Aussie reviewer dared to review.

Thank you Samah for this opportunity. Morsi

Check out all the other authors on THE BOOK ROOM with SAMAH SABAWI. The Book Room is a monthly podcast and event series featuring writers whose works have contributed to decolonizing literature. Dr Samah Sabawi is an author, playwright, commentator and poet who wages ‘beautiful resistance’ through her art and her work. A recipient of multiple awards both nationally and internationally, Sabawi’s theatre credits include the critically acclaimed plays Tales of a City by the SeaandTHEM. She is also co-editor of Double Exposure: Plays of the Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas, winner of the Patrick O’Neill award and co-author of I Remember My Name: Poetry by Samah Sabawi, Ramzy Baroud and Jehan Bseiso, editedby Dr. Vacy Vlazna, winner of the Palestine Book Award.

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