First Giveaway Success!

Hello World,


The very first Giveaway here on Living In The Strange went well.

A big congratulations to David Schaafsma who will receive a signed copy of What Is Past Is Dead.

I’m really happy there were so many entries to this Giveaway. I have shifted Giveaways to my own website instead of as before, running them on Goodreads. The now owned by Amazon company, has gone absolutely haywire, charging a ridiculous amount of money to just run the Giveaways.

I use Goodreads and social media to send out the invitation for the Giveaway, also a reminder halfway through. When you receive the ‘event invitation’, please don’t respond. There is no need to.

Just follow the link, either in the text or event description, type in your email of choice and hit enter!

Once you have entered, you will receive a unique URL (link) that you can share. For every other time someone else enters the giveaway – from that link – you will receive an additional entry and your chance of winning increases!

Any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Peace, Salaam in Arabic.

M M Morsi

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