Pre-order and Giveaways

Hello world,

The Palace of Angels has been released and is available for pre-order as a paperback from Living In The Strange.It’s available as an eBook already and will soon hit stores and online retailers.

It ships within the next two weeks. All prices in AUD.


Also a small reminder to register for the giveaways.

You can find links to all of them here

Simply add your name, email and you’re in the draw to win a signed copy of either or all novels you wish to participate in the draw for.

Good luck.



1 thought on “Pre-order and Giveaways

  1. Angels. Whenever the topic arises – and when it does so it does with ease – it lights the eyes of my students here in Fez, no matter what level, (and no matter how shy). Talking about them unfurls little wings. And this town seems full of them, but they’re all hiding. So I look forward to reading your book Morsi, find ways to unfurl more of our wings.

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